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Shipping Methods and Delivery Zones in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Ireland


Methods and Zones

UK DeliveryUK Delivery - South of Scotland

UK Delivery - North of Scotland

 & Northern Ireland

UK Delivery - IslandsRepublic of Ireland
All in England and WalesPost Codes include:Post Codes include:Post Codes include: 
 DDAB31 to AB38HS 
 DGAB40 to AB56IV41 to IV49 
 EHIV1 to IV28IV51, IV55 & IV56 
 FKIV30 to IV32KA27 & KA28  
 GIV36 to IV40KW15 to KW17 
 KA (Except KA27 & KA28)IV52 to IV54PA20  
 KYIV63PA41 to PA49  
 MLKW1 to KW14PA60 to PA78  
 TDPA21 to PA38PH42 to PH44  
 AB1 to AB16PH4 to PH41ZE  
 AB21 to AB25PH49 to PH50  
 AB30 & AB39 Isle of Man 
 PA1 to PA19All of Northern IrelandChannel Islands 
 PH1 to PH3   



If you live in Scotland, Highlands or Islands and your postcode is not specified above, please contact our Customer Services or Sales Team and we will check this for you.


On the Checkout page, if you enter a Post Code that is not valid OR is not covered in the table above, the only Shipping Method that will be available to you will be "Reserve and Collect".  Again, if you think that this is because we are not covering your Post Code, then please do get in touch with us and we can assign the relevant Shipping Method to your order and agree the charges with you.


These Zones are decided by UK Mail, our chosen Delivery Services Company.


Free Delivery on orders over £100 is ONLY available to Zones A and B.